Simple, Cost-Effective App Promotion
to a New and Untapped Market
  • Leveraging the huge market of web-based gamers virtually untapped by other app promotion networks
  • Get the lowest CPI rate, targeted to the countries that interest you most
  • Easily go beyond basic CPI campaigns with completely customizable User Engagement Points to build user loyalty
How Does it Work?

  1. Engage Players
Millions of web gamers wish to make in-game purchases every day, but many don't want to spend money. WhipFlash offers them an alternative.

  2. Offer Rewards
Our patent pending WhipFlash API links the player's online game to their mobile device, allowing them to earn in-game currency for trying new mobile apps.

  3. Everyone Wins

  • App advertisers get new users downloading and trying their apps
  • Online game publishers earn revenue from players who otherwise wouldn't spend money
  • Players get more choices in their favorite games, plus discover great new apps